Upselling Vs Cross-Selling

Upselling Vs Cross-Selling

All about reflecting on the past year, AOP, growth mechanisms, and challenges attached.

1. Breaking down the meaning of AOP

Here, we delve into the importance of AOP for company progress, its correlation with revenue and associated costs, and how AOP serves as a clear roadmap guiding the company's forward trajectory.

2. AOP's universal role in company planning

We explore the relevance of AOP (Annual Operating Plan) in both larger companies and startups. The question of when in a company's development journey AOP becomes pertinent is discussed, examining how the thought process of operations and planning is inherent in all companies. The conversation will shed light on whether AOP is an integral component of every company's operating plan, regardless of its size.

3. Business Unit Leaders and AOP meetings

We talk about the essential preparations for Business Unit Leaders leading up to an AOP meeting. The discussion will center on whether the focus should primarily be on product vision and expanding the customer base or if there are additional considerations that go beyond these aspects.

4. Upsell against Cross-Sell

The conversation moves towards growth mechanisms, specifically exploring the distinctions between upsell and cross-sell. We dig into some insightful case studies for each growth mechanism, spotlighting HubSpot as an example of cross-sell and Canva as a prime example of upsell strategies.

5. The Customer Success factor

We then chat on the other essential elements for company growth. Diving into the crucial role of the customer success team and how their involvement impacts the growth trajectory.

6. Cross-Sell signals and sales orchestration

The conversation turns to discussing the PLG approach to cross-selling, exploring signal detection, sales team handover, and CRM data analysis for efficient routing. Are sales quotas and pipelines important for expanding the business? You’ll learn that as well.

7. On-ground realities

In this concluding section, challenges associated with this approach are discussed. Is there a need for a dedicated sales team and how much does in-depth product knowledge and customer understanding weigh? The overarching question here is: How do these factors influence the Annual Operating Plan (AOP)?

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