Build a product, not a business!

Build a product, not a business!

Discussions on the Gemini episode, product first Vs traditional business approach, modern business initiatives, expansion plans of businesses and entrepreneurial growth.

1. Google's Cultural Shift and the Gemini Episode

How is Google navigating its cultural values amidst challenges like the Gemini episode? Despite its financial prowess, can Google realign its culture to maintain its innovative edge? Is the startup ethos still alive within Google's expansive organizational structure?

2. Product-first or the business plan?

Is the traditional business model, where companies start with a business plan before a product, being challenged by the success of companies like Google and Meta that began with a product-first approach? Is solving a customer problem directly through a product the new norm for startups?

3. Capital dependency and modern business initiatives

Does capital availability dictate the path for startups, or is it more about identifying and solving customer pain points? Can a company thrive without external funding by focusing on building a product that addresses critical customer needs?

4. AI integration into existing business models

As AI becomes ubiquitous, how are existing companies incorporating it into their business strategies? Are they creating new AI-focused ventures or integrating AI solutions into their existing product offerings to stay competitive in evolving markets?

5. Expansion strategies and entrepreneurial growth

From zero to one, companies focus on product development, but beyond that stage, how do they strategize for growth? Is it about scaling existing products or diversifying into new ventures to capture untapped markets and maintain momentum?

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