Does your CRM build your pipeline?

Does your CRM build your pipeline?

Discussions on CRM, the true purpose of it, horizontal and vertical CRMs, how to build a rapid CRM, and the future of it.

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1. Ramjunmabhoomi: Is it a marketing case study in the making?

Learn the fascinating realm of marketing through the lens of the Ramjanmabhoomi saga. Discover the different marketing tactics used in this historic event. Could it become a valuable case study in business schools down the line?

2. Modern CRM: prospect-centric vs. customer-centric

Is it now more about Sales Pipeline Management (SPM) than Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Delve into the intricacies of modern CRM tools, focusing on prospecting and adoption. Discover whether CRMs truly offer a comprehensive view of customers, and explore the feasibility of crafting a Customer 360 CRM.

3. The true purpose of CRM

What is the mystery behind CRM software's evolving role in businesses? Why do its use cases differ from customer support software? Unravel the true purpose behind CRM tools. Explore the shifting objectives of CRM software over time and uncover how it's reshaping customer relationships in today's digital landscape.

4. Salesforce successes to customer 360 dreams

Explore the world of CRM software where some are praised for their effectiveness while others are criticized for being outdated. Learn from examples like Salesforce about how certain platforms have overcome challenges. Is there a possibility of creating a transformative customer 360 CRM in today's competitive market?

5. Strategies for rapid CRM building

Unlock the secrets to fast CRM development. Examine the importance of integrations and adoption in speeding up the process. Navigate the challenges of catering to various team requirements with a unified software solution. Consider whether specialized CRMs provide a solution and contemplate how Gen AI could affect CRM development costs and efficiency.

6. AI, UI, and beyond

What does the future of CRM innovation look like? Find out if there's still room for new CRMs in the market and where the latest advancements are happening. From AI to user interfaces like conversational interfaces, we'll explore where the excitement lies. Plus, learn how businesses can stay competitive in this evolving landscape.

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