Product Manager's Daily Routine

Product Manager's Daily Routine

Discussing the role of a Product Manager and how to identify a good Product Manager in detail

1. Engineer turned Product Manager

Discover why Sri identifies himself like this. Could it be his remarkable ability to empathize with customers, cultivated over time? Or perhaps it's his unique perspective, honed through firsthand experience in understanding customer pain points.

2. Who is a stellar Product Manager?

Peek into the secrets to identifying a stellar Product Manager as we embark on an insightful exploration. Delve into the diverse backgrounds that breed exceptional PMs. Are they born or made? Discover the crucial traits that transcend backgrounds, and explore why a passion for solving customer problems is just the tip of the iceberg in the realm of Product Management.

3. How do you spot a standout Product Manager in the interview room?

Dive into the key attributes that set exceptional candidates apart. From problem-solving prowess to a deep understanding of customer pain points, explore the essential qualities that make for a successful PM.

4. Product Management education

Find out answers to the age-old question: Are great PMs born or made? Explore the blend of innate talents and acquired skills that shape effective PMs, from collaboration and execution to the power of communication.

5. Product Managers in PLG and non-PLG: is there a difference?

Explore the unique traits that distinguish Product Managers in Product-Led Growth (PLG) companies from their counterparts in traditional setups. Delve into the nuances of their roles, the distinct approaches to product development, and the fascinating journey of navigating the build process in these innovative environments.

6. Metrics matter

Understand the key metrics that gauge the success of a Product Manager's performance. Is revenue impact the ultimate measure of effectiveness? Explore the diverse range of metrics that paint a comprehensive picture of a PM's contributions, and unravel the significance of the top-ranking metric in driving product success.

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