Product-led growth - Loops or Funnel?

Product-led growth - Loops or Funnel?

Sri and Ramesh continue their discussion on product-led growth, where they talk about loops vs funnel route, shifting customers across loops, missteps, challenges, and team mindset

Loops Vs Funnels

In this podcast, we delve into a pivotal question for Product-Led Growth (PLG) success - is it about loops or funnels? The traditional funnel method, a step-by-step journey involving contact forms and sales CRM, is contrasted with the dynamic loops approach. Unlike the linear progression of funnels, loops allow for flexibility. For complex products, multiple loops exist, and the strategy pivots to the loop most pertinent to a specific client. This podcast explores how embracing loops over funnels can revolutionize PLG strategies, offering a more adaptive and personalized approach to success.

Trial Period Dilemmas

Surprisingly, there's no one-size-fits-all answer for an ideal trial period; it boils down to who we're targeting. No strict rules here! The key is having the genuine intent to assist customers and encourage them to try the product. For intricate products, a smart move is offering a freemium version, providing a taste of premium features without constraints.

Embedding PLG as Company Culture

Is Product-Led Growth (PLG) more than just a buzzword? It's not just a philosophy; it's lived every day. Running the show involves keeping the customer journey in mind throughout. Teamwork is the name of the game, where rational thinking is the rule. Ensuring the product is user-friendly is crucial. For designers and product managers, the goal is to create a product that guides customers independently. The magic happens when all departments unite, working seamlessly as one team.

Shifting Customers Across Loops

Ever wondered who's in charge of guiding customers through different loops in a team? It's a team effort! The real trick lies in having a tech setup that can smoothly figure out which loop a customer is in. Transparency is the key—everyone should be on the same page about how customers are adopting the product.

Learning From Product Missteps

Reflecting on building numerous products, what are the key mistakes to avoid? The biggest lesson learned: if a customer feels overwhelmed in the first few screens, it's a dead end. The product's golden rule is simplicity—it should be easy for customers to try without hesitation. Personalizing it for each user and guiding the product through loops ensures a smoother and more enjoyable user experience.

PLG and Team Mindset

Bringing a team together for the Product-Led Growth (PLG) journey has its challenges. In larger setups, breaking free from the idea that PLG is solely about trial periods is crucial. It took time for people to shift this mindset. PLG isn't just about making a product look good; it is the intent to increase the number of active customers.

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